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Own a Designated Venus by donating 130USDC.


(In which 50% will go to TWF and 50% to the Venus Foundation after cost)

Each Venus x TWF NFT represents a unique lifestyle.

Check out the whole Venus x TWF Collection at Solarr.

「Non Fungible Venus x The Women’s Foundation」

is a crossover charitable NFT project

for Designated Venus.

Venus x TWF - Road Map

Sept 2022 Venus x TWF NFT Minting take place

  • Minting on Polygon Blockchain

  • Pre-Launch

Oct 2022 - Venus x TWF NFT Official Launch

  • Total 200 of Venus x TWF NFT for this crossover project

  • Strategic partnership with Solarr, the NFT marketplace

  • Venus x TWF NFTs listed at Solarr Launchpad

Q4 2022 – Artistic Collaboration

  • The Venus Team comes from Hong Kong. We are hoping to collaborate with different artists to bring the project to another level, resulting in benefiting more people in Hong Kong or even other parts of the world. Each Venus owner may have certain benefits and rights in those collaborations.

      2023 - DAO and Utilities

  • Venus holders will be given voting rights regarding the use of proceeds in the Venus Foundation. They can decide on future fundraising activities and the beneficial organizations.

  • ​More utilities will be added to the NFT to enhance the value including offline events and membership rights.​​​​​​

About The Women's Foundation

The Women’s Foundation (TWF): The Women's Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong. TWF runs innovative and impactful community programs in the pursuit of three main goals: (1) Challenging gender stereotypes. (2) Empowering women in poverty to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their families. (3) Growing the number of women in decision-making and leadership positions. The Venus project and TWF shares the same goal to support women leading to this collaboration. Non Fungible Venus is the recognized fund raising partner of TWF

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